Have you ever had a great idea, or achieved a significant accomplishment, only to see someone else grab all the credit? If so, how did you deal with the shock and bitterness? Did you attempt to right the wrong, to expose the thief? And what if the thief fought back, successfully thwarting you, until the pain of pursuit threatened your family’s happiness, as well as your own sanity? Would you finally give up? Could you?

This “journey to the edge of reality” is explored in my novel Nexus, where the clear and simple goal of righting a wrong devolves into a murky and obsessive quest for justice.

p.s. Double Visions (which contains the novel Nexus and short novel Purgatory) just received a favorable evaluation by a respected reviewer:

Double Visions is a double pack of novels from N. E. Walker … a very much recommended read.” –Midwest Book Review

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